Weekly photo challenge: delicate

Life is So Delicate

Life is So Delicate

Like many of the posts for this challenge, the theme for Delicate is based on the notion of gentle, easily shattered, or subject to illness. Well, along those lines, I decided to use the above picture, symbolizing how delicate a relationship between two people is, and how that bond can be sometimes broken and seperated. A lot of the relationships nowadays are taken for granted, whether it’s with a father and his son, a man and a woman, or two close friends. However, when that time comes when we are pitted together, that’s when it’s clear, that our attachment to one another is so delicate, and must be cherished.

Guitarist Steve Mazur from Our Lady Peace

Guitarist Steve Mazur from Our Lady Peace

A different interpretation of the word Delicate, I also chose to use this picture of lead guitarist Steve Mazur from the band Our Lady Peace, taken during PNE’s Summer Night Concert, to represent this week’s theme. It’s not so much the person that is delicate, but the music which flowed endlessly from his hands. Music itself, in all its entirety, symbolizes delicate in many ways. It can be tasteful, fragile, weak, soft, angelic, rare, but most of all beautiful. However, I also believe that the picture illustrates how delicate our lives are. It is complex and unique in many ways, yet in the end, we are so easily shattered: physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, what’s there to it? In hindsight, we simply need to live life to its fullest. Indeed, that’s harder than it sounds, but we did not spend all those times of hardship and work to end up doing the same routine each day. No, instead we persevered through that work to come out the other side smiling. Now, by living life to its fullest, I don’t mean the twisted version of partying and being intoxicated as if its the last day of our life. What it expresses is that we contribute our whole self to a project, travel to the most farthest and foreign places, attend a music concert, overcome our very fears, even have a true relationship, because life is short. A common and constantly mentioned cliché, but it’s true. It is too short, but for whatever reason, we simply worry about the little details that we think impede our very lives. It’s sad how Life is so Delicate. Again, if you do see yourself in one of these pictures and would like to have it taken down for personal reasons, please comment and I’ll be happy to do so.

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