Weekly photo challenge: beyond


Beyond the Horizon

For many of those who are uncertain in life, indecisive, or stuck at a crossroad, it’s easy to think what is the point? What lies before me? To answer those questions is rather difficult as well, as it involves self-examination, knowing who you are. If we don’t know what we want in life, it’s probably because we don’t really know ourselves. In truth, the real obstacles that hinder our success is ourselves, the mental constructs of our ordinary minds, our obscured consciences, the fear of the unknown. Once you discover that it is yourself who’s holding you back, that you are the only one who can keep you from moving forward, that’s when you can let go, and go Beyond the Horizon. If you do see yourself in one of these pictures and would like to have it taken down for personal reasons, please comment and I’ll be happy to do so.

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