Capture the Color 2013



High Up in the Towers of Casa Loma

High up in Toronto’s Casa Loma is a tower, in which one can view the outskirts of the city as far as the eye can go. However, the white that strikes me here isn’t the natural lighting coming in through the windows. Rather, it is the faint etchings of names written all over the walls. Despite whoever these people are, they have locked away a part of their identity, giving a sense of both realism and magic in the air.



Inside the Notre-Dame Basilica

Taken inside Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica, not only do the illuminating lights complement the intricate details and vast open space within, it also reminds one of how it is a home that will always be open to all, no matter the gender, race, or status. Indeed, the interior design is beautiful, but the message behind it makes it even more of a masterpiece.



Take a Stop in Vieux-Montréal

Whether in English, French, or any other language, red is often associated with danger or the act of stopping. In contrast, however, it is also suggestive of being resolute and full of conviction. Quite simply, it is a color that usually stands out and signifies difference and uniqueness.



Facing Niagara Falls

Standing on the Maid of the Mist up close and personal, I really wanted to photograph at least one shot of the Falls head-on, so in spite of the camera and lens getting wet, Niagara Falls did prove to be a worthwhile experience.


Panorama 6_2

Above in the Whirlpool Aero Car

Located elsewhere in Niagara, this was the view from riding the Whirlpool Aero Car above. It’s amazing how lush the scenery was that the photo doesn’t truly do it justice. One must actually go and see it for themselves.

Showcasing the beauty of our planet’s landscape, man-made structures, and even exotic cuisine, Capture the Color 2013 is open to all, but some of the bloggers I would like to nominate to participate in the challenge are:

  1. Eric at Eric E Photo
  2. Juicesaar at JUICESAAR|Photography
  3. Michael at retireediary
  4. Hannah at Spannerr;)
  5. Thatiana at Never Clip My Wings

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