Weekly photo challenge: dialogue

Sometimes, taking a portrait is much more enjoyable when you find a connection with your subject. Embedded within the Dialogue between the two photographs above, one could be saying try not to blink next time, but conversations need not to be always spoken. Visually, you of course see two pictures of the same person, taken more or less in the same composition, albeit the small differences. To others, however, the former may represent the jokes and laughs you shared with your friend, teasing each other about moments from childhood and days past, reminding you of that ruby red smile. And yet the latter, influenced by soul-reaching eyes, is your way of remembering and knowing: remembering the personal exchanges and perspectives you each had on life itself, and knowing that the person you met was indeed genuine. In that regard, both images compliment one another, but still present this individual, just as how humor and intuitiveness go hand in hand together, creating that personality whose company you admired. “I shine because I am a light. And because I shine, I am a light. I don’t shine in order to be seen. No. I shine because it gives me joy to shine, and to be a light.” ~ Being a Light, Willi Hoffsuemmer. If you do find yourself in one of these pictures and would like to have it taken down for personal reasons, please comment and I’ll be happy to do so.

7 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: dialogue

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  2. Interesting interpretation…I enjoyed it. Definitely the first one looks more “genuine”…I feel like we are getting a glimpse of something going on inside her manifested on the surface…

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