Weekly photo challenge: cover art


If Not Now Then When

To past self,

If not now then when? That moment you first caught her eye, what did you feel? How about that gentle and calming voice of hers when you first spoke to her? Or the laugh she made every time you danced and made a fool of yourself, but didn’t care since it made her smile? Would you be willing to let all that go, to save the pain, to save yourself…

You would be receiving this letter the morning of your wedding day, the only place and time I can send it. But I tell you, a year later, on your anniversary even, she dies. Car accident. Both of you are inside the vehicle when it happens, but that guy, that guy who took everything away from you, drove into her side first. At least…at least you got to hold her hand before she passed away…

But you can rescue her, just please don’t marry her. I’ve tried as many times as I could to avoid that inevitable destination of ours, but something…something always happens. But if you were to end it right here and now, she would never have to leave this world. If you really do love her will all your heart, protect her. If not now then when?

If you were to receive such a letter from your future self, what would you do? Would you let him/her go, or live life differently, spending each and every moment with your partner as if there was no tomorrow? It’s not a choice between what would you rather have, but a decision as to whether or not you would let time continue on, because beneath all that pain, he/she will always be there, I’m sure of it. So, if not now, and not ever, then make sure you treat him/her with all the respect that he/she deserves, but if now, then find him/her someone that will love him/her as you do. If you do find yourself in one of these pictures and would like to have it taken down for personal reasons, please comment and I’ll be happy to do so. For more interpretations to the challenge, check out Cover Art. P.S. If ever I was to write a novel. the above would perhaps be the prologue, with the photograph being the cover. Of course, the title has been already used on several other occasions.


9 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: cover art

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  2. But would he/she bear to live in a world without you in it anyways? Regardless of whether or not you’d let him/her go when you received the letter, you’d be doomed anyways. So you’re condemning the other to a life without you. Without even consulting him/her? Doesn’t sound fair to decide people’s fate for them. I’d talk it out with my other half. The decision is not mine to make. I got information, the only thing I can do with it it pass it along to the other party…

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